Name: Josh Kaplan
Title: Founder of and business lawyer at Troglia Kaplan Holzman
Panel: Sept. 15 1:30 p.m. Held Me Master: Legal Eagles Talk About Master Recordings and Publishing; 5:30 p.m. Networking Happy Hour

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What's the last album you bought?
Delta Spirit "History from Below."

Do you Twitter? If so, how often? What's your Twitter name? And if not, why not?
Yes, occasionally if there is something worth putting on the Twitter. @L4M (lawyer4musicians)

What's the best use of music in advertising that you've recently seen?
I think MIA's "Paper Planes" for "Pineapple Express." The movie kind of stunk, but people remember the trailer and the movie because of that song. And, the movie's use of the song propelled (no pun intended) MIA to a whole new level. So, it worked out well for both parties.

At this moment in time, what most worries and encourages you about the music business?
I think we are at some type of crossroad. It has never been easier to get music out to the public. However, because of this, the public is inundated with way too much product. The DIY model gets bands part of the way there; they don't need a label for recording, distribution, merch etc., but they still need major help differentiating themselves from the millions of other bands out there. So there is a reliance on labels for their teams of PR and marketing experts. I'm just not sure labels (a) have the budgets anymore or (b) have the experts. I see a lot of morphing of managers, PR companies, even lawyers, becoming one stop shops for artists and possibly replacing, once and for all, the old label system.

What is the most significant moment in the history of music and advertising?
The one-click clearance. No longer having to wait for teams of lawyers, moody managers and even moodier artists to give approval to use a track. Having catalogs of pre-cleared music available at the click of a mouse, that's revolutionary.

Beatles or Stones?

-- Ann Donahue