Name: Alex White
Title: Co-Founder and CEO, Next Big Sound, Inc.
Panel: Sept. 15, 5:30 p.m. Speed Networking; Sept. 16 11 a.m. Panel It's The Motherlovin' Remix

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What's the last album you bought?
The Noisettes, love the classy retro sound.

Do you Twitter? If so, how often? What's your Twitter name? And if not, why not?
A couple times a week or whenever I feel like bothering my followers. My handle is @shalek.

What's the best use of music in advertising that you've recently seen?
Coke and K'naan for the World Cup. All of my friends were downloading and talking about the song. We've been working with the team at A&M Octone since earlier this year and it was fun to watch the campaign hit and watch K'naan's online activity go wild.

At this moment in time, what most worries and encourages you about the music business?
I'm worried about what the industry structure will look like five years from now and how to maximize the number of artists who are able to make a living making music since it's still unclear where a lot of that money will come from - particularly for developing artists. That being said, when things are the most chaotic is when there is the most opportunity. The industry had gotten rich and stagnant and needs to be remodeled to prosper in the digital age. I'm most encouraged by my daily conversations with entrepreneurial artists, managers, labels and companies. There are so many smart, passionate people working on this that I see nothing but hope for the future of the music.

What is the most significant moment in the history of music and advertising?
The invention of the jingle.

Beatles or Stones?

-- Ann Donahue