If there's one piece of advice that Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg would give marketers, it's to "let customers become part of the process." Interviewed by the Huffington Post's Arianna Huffington at an Advertising Week event called "Social Media (For Adults)," Sandberg said the Web is becoming all about personalization, and in the next several years, a Web site that isn't customized to the individual will look as antiquated as a site from 15 years ago looks now.

"Going to a Web site that is totally impersonal will be a thing of the past," Sandberg said. "Once people have experienced something that is personal, that is around their identity and friends, they don't want to go back to something that is targeted at the whole world."

Personalization tools like Facebook Connect have raised privacy concerns, but Sandberg said all the company's decisions about privacy start with the fact that "every individual controls their own information." The company doesn't sell or share information, she said, and simplified its privacy controls to help users maintain that control. "People will only share information if they feel they are controlling it," she said. "It's core to our ability to grow."

Marketers are recognizing that incorporating Facebook into their communications programs is an effective way to talk to their customers. "Some of the most successful marketers are doing more to tie their campaigns onto their Facebook pages because their customers are already there," Sandberg said. "It's easier to go where they are."

The most effective marketing programs, she added, have integrated traditional mass-market media pushes with the personalization that social-media offers. "Effective marketing on Facebook has those big pushes, but [also] has those daily interactions," she said, pointing to one of her recent personal favorites, Oreo cookies, which asked its Facebook fans to imagine what an Oreo would say if it could talk to a glass of milk. "This is the small interaction that makes [the brand] part of our daily lives."