Justin Bieber's Haircut Cost Toy Maker $100,000
Justin Bieber's Haircut Cost Toy Maker $100,000

Justin Bieber may be sporting a new hairstyle, but for one toy maker, it cost him a lot of money, CNN Money reports.

When Bieber cut his hair, founder and CEO of Florida-based toy maker The Bridge Direct Jay Foreman wasn't aware of what he had done. It was the company's brand managers, who had set up Google alerts to track the singer's every move, that were first informed of the new look.

"I got everyone into a conference room and we looked at some images," he recalled. "We weren't sure what he had done. Then it became obvious that his trademark was gone."

Bieber's trademark hair -- a sideswept hairdo -- was big business for Foreman and his company, which had already begun producing dolls for the holidays with the singer's old hairstyle.

It cost his business $100,000 to adjust the dolls for the spring release. It "was an expensive step," Foreman admitted.

"Would I rather that Justin called me three months before he made a hair change? Yes. But we know that won't happen," he said. "That said, I'm glad he didn't go for a mohawk. That would have been a real problem."

Because production on the Bieber dolls were well underway when he updated his look, many of the new dolls that will be in stores later this year will have Bieber's old hairdo.

"We were able to change the look in the second production line for the dolls," he said.