Pitbull sat down with Billboard after his Artist Q&A at the Billboard Latin Music Conference to discuss his many business ventures, his new song for the Men In Black 3 movie, and how his career is similar to global warming.

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The artist, who has branding deals with Bud Light, Voli Vodka (which Fergie just signed on to co-sponsor) and Walmart, and put out a song titled "Back In Time" for the Men In Black 3 soundtrack. While working with the film franchise, he got to hang out with and study Will Smith in Cancun, saying "Will [is] the blueprint for somebody who went from music to movies and from movies to being an entrepreneur."

Pitbull Says Music Business is '90 Percent Business, 10 Percent Talent' at Latin Conference Q&A

He also discussed his forthcoming record with Shakira, titled "Get It Started," and how his new album Global Warming was named because he feels the hot-button climate discussion mirrors his own path through the industry. "We feel that our career is just like global warming," he said. "People say oh Pitbull, look at him now, but we've been here for years, and it's the same thing with global warming."