Otis Redding, 1970s

Musicians Otis Redding performing in the 1970s.

Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Otis Redding has gotten his own memorial marker honoring his ties to the city of Gray, Ga., that will be unveiled Friday. 

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The marker is designed like a vinyl record, with Redding on the jacket declaring Jones County, Ga., the "Home of Otis Redding." It is located at the corner of Highway 11 and Highway 129, in downtown Gray, GA near The Station.

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The unveiling Friday is part of the Tunes & Spoons festival, with local restaurants and bands involved in the celebration. 

The Otis Redding Memorial Marker is 7 feet tall and 7 feet wide, it also includes an interactive panel with Redding songs and photos and graphics depicting Redding's life and legacy as they relate to his hometown community. 

Redding was born in Dawson, Ga., on Sept. 9, 1941. 

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