BandPage, Rhapsody Hook Up to Sell Experiences

A $75 pre-show meet-and-greet with singer and songwriter Rozzi Crane is one of the offerings BandPage will serve up to listeners on Rhapsody.

BandPage on Thursday announced an integration with Rhapsody to sell opportunities for listeners to have live or real-time interactions with bands that they tend to stream frequently.

Based in San Francisco, BandPage rolled out its Experiences platform in March, allowing a select number of artists to design and sell custom experiences, such as a private music lesson, a chance to ask band members questions in a one-on-one Skype session or a personally recorded song. Prices range anywhere from $5 (for "brutal honesty" from Battlehooch) to $4,000 (for a meet-and-greet with Ozzy Osbourne). You can browse through some of the current offerings on BandPage.

Among the bands that Rhapsody will offer such experiences directly to its 1 million subscribers are Third Eye Blind, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Rozzi Crane, Brandon Boyd of Incubus and Parliament. The offers will be emailed to Rhapsody users who either have bought the artists' music or streamed them in the last month. In addition, offers will appear on artist pages when listeners search for them on Rhapsody, but not when they're passively listening to the song on a random playlist. The idea is to present offers only to listeners who are already fans and who would be most likely to pay to engage with the artists.

"We've been working since March to figure out how to get the right experience in front of the right fan at the right time to increase conversion," said BandPage's Chief Executive J Sider in an interview. "Experiences have sold incredibly well when you get those three things right. We think this is exactly what Rhapsody will be able to do for artists."

BandPage, which started as a tool for artists to manage their Facebook pages, has evolved to encompass other places where audiences spend their time engaging with music, including Vevo, Pandora and Xbox Music. About 500,000 artists use BandPage to manage their profiles across multiple online platforms.

"While social networks opened new channels for fan engagement over the past few years, we believe that going forward the biggest untapped potential for artists will be in streaming and entertainment platforms that offer context-relevant channels and data-driven targeting techniques," Sider wrote in a guest editorial for entitled "Everything We Know About Fan Engagement and Sales is About to Change."

Neither BandPage nor Rhapsody disclosed the terms of the revenue sharing agreement. Artists, however, will continue to receive 85% of the revenue -- the same arrangement they have with BandPage's Experiences site, Sider confirmed.