Twitter #Music

Twitter #Music is now on Spotify, the 140-character sharing network announced yesterday. Twitter #Music analyzes popular music based on the volume of tweets and mentions of that song on Twitter, and curates it in a playlist where users can easily connect with the artist on Twitter.

Like #Music’s web-app, the Spotify version also breaks down music by genres (Alternative, Country, Electronic, Rock, etc.) as well as Superstars (new music from the superstars), Popular (new music trending on Twitter), Emerging (the best new emerging music), and Unearthed (hidden talent found in the tweets).

Twitter #Music brings back We Are Hunted’s coveted and respected “Hunted” chart in its newly-launched Spotify app, which draws music from music blogs and organizes them at a track level in a way visually similar to what fans of We Are Hunted are already used to. Twitter acquired We Are Hunted in April of 2013, using the chart’s logic and development team to build Twitter’s new #Music service, which first launched that same month.

#Music’s Spotify app has several advantages over the app’s web property. One is that since the entire experience resides on Spotify it facilitates faster discover at an artist's level because users are able to immediately link to that artist's Spotify profile. But most important is the "+ add as playlist" button, which immediately exports any listening experience as a playlist that users can save forever. This is especially useful for creating quick playlists on the go.