Universal Music Launches uDiscover Spotify App

The uDiscover Spotify app.

Universal Music has launched the uDiscover Spotify app, joining a slew of other record labels that have also developed their own Spotify apps, many of which enable listeners to navigate the label's catalog and discover new releases. Unlike these other apps, however, uDiscover relies on an algorithm that builds its own playlists based on Spotify users' favorite artists and listening history.

"We’re constantly exploring new ways to encourage music discovery across our vast range of incredible artists and their catalogues," wrote Geoff Smith, head of digital for Universal strategic marketing, in a statement. "The uDiscover app is a fascinating way to learn more about artists and their connections with other artists at a track or album level in a visually striking environment. It enables users to create limitless dynamic playlists seeded by their own favourite artists, while each new recommended track acts as a step in a playlist journey delivering a unique and informative discovery experience."

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Users start by selecting an artist from the "Recommended Artists" tab or entering it into the search bar, after which a playlist begins that you can save -- but uDiscover tailors the music to users' Spotify activity, so the app's song selections will be different each time a user logs in. The "Features" tab, on the other hand, includes playlists curated by the Universal team, such as "The Beach Boys: Undiscovered Gems," "Virgin 40: The Electric Years," or "Festivals."

Designed by Retrofuzz, a Manchester-based music industry web design company, uDiscover will also offer editorial features written by freelance journalists and professional music writers, along with previously unreleased content from Universal Music's archives. More applications and other content will be unveiled in the coming months.