The Spanish Society of Authors and Publishers, known as SGAE, has elected José Luis Acosta Salmerón as the organization's new president.

The move to name a new leader comes only a few weeks after the troubled Madrid-based organization voted to remove Antón Reixa after serving in his post for about a year. Previously, Eduardo "Teddy" Batista, who was arrested by the Spanish Civil Guard, was accused of making 400 million euros "disappear" in a scandal that was highly publicized.

Acosta Salmerón addressed the board first by taking a moment to express his condolences to the families of those affected by Spain's recent train crash and then he addressed members about correcting the errors that exist within the organization.

According to reports, Acosta Salmerón received 20 votes from 39 members, while the other candidate, José Miguel Fernãndez Sastrón, received 16 votes.

A few weeks ago, Reixa told members of the Spanish press that he was "a victim caught in the crossfire" and that his decision to go after television stations he accused of fraudulent practices in the payment of royalties led to his dismissal.

SGAE has more than 100,000 members and two years ago, according to published reports, distributed about €365 million ($477 million) to its members.