Less than a week before demonstrators in the streets of Brazil began protesting the high costs of hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup, among other grievances, Coca-Cola sent a more positive message about the international event out to Brazilian soccer fans, posting a video of one version of its new World Cup anthem on YouTube

The song teams regional techno-pop singer Gaby Amarantos, MTV Brazil’s 2012 Artist of the Year, with samba big band Monobloco for a tribute to the game. The stadium friendly pop song backed by a Carnaval beat features shouts of “Gol,” calls for hand clapping, and the sound of a referee’s whistle. 

The video is shot in a recording studio, where Amarantos dances with musicians and hits a soccer ball with a drum stick when not singing into the microphone. While the YouTube video does not carry Coca-Cola branding, the word “Coke” is spelled out on a musician’s t-shirt. 

A spokesperson for Coca-Cola confirmed for Billboard that the song had been released earlier this month in Brazil only. She added that this is a local version for Brazil -- a global version of the song that will be released internationally is in the works.

The song title, “Todo Mundo” (which translates both as “everybody” or “the whole world”) transmits the message of the company’s World Cup campaign, called “Copa de Todo Mundo.” Coca-Cola is a sponsor of the World Cup and the ill-timed Confederation Cup, the finals of which are currently taking place in Brazil amidst protests.

The bubbly percussion-accompanied lyrics of Coca-cola’s soccer anthem are appropriately catchy and easy for non-Portuguese speakers to sing. The song received mostly favorable reviews on Twitter in Brazil and was quickly posted on blogs. But the fact that the video has just over 150,000 views on YouTube, which suggests that Brazilians have more than soccer on their minds right now.

Coca-Cola’s 2010 World Cup campaign song, K’Naaan’s “Wavin’ Flag,” has sold 900,000 downloads, according to Nielsen SoundScan. 

The official 2014 FIFA World Cup song has yet to be announced. Shakira’s “Waka Waka,” the theme of the 2010 tournament, remains No. 6 on the list of most viewed YouTube videos of all time.