Rdio Expands to Malaysia, Hong Kong and 5 Other Countries

On-demand music service Rdio has expanded to Asia for the first time in an expansion that covers seven countries. In addition to Malaysia and Hong Kong, Rdio is also available in Colombia, Chile, Poland, Czech Republic and Switzerland.
The expansion brings Rdio's total coverage to 31 countries on five continents. In the Americas, Rdio is available in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil, where it has a partnership with mobile carrier Oi. Like many other subscription services, Rdio is also available throughout Europe and in Australia and New Zealand.
Rdio's coverage is similar to that of competing services. Spotify is now available in Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong in addition to many European countries. Deezer's website currently lists 220 countries, from large, developing countries like Brazil to small nations like Palau.
Rhapsody expanded to 14 new European countries last week, bringing its footprint to 17 countries. The country is now available in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Ireland and Denmark, among others.
Rdio's expansion to Asian countries is evidence that subscription services are moving beyond the North American and European countries that have supported their early development. Now there is an effort to expand into large, populous countries with growth potential. For example, both Sony Music Unlimited and Muve Music, through its partnership with mobile carrier TIM, are currently available in Brazil, the world's 12th largest digital music market in 2012, according to the IFPI. Spotify Brazil has had job openings for positions in Brazil for months but has not yet announced a launch date.
The need for growth in existing and new markets puts new demands on Rdio. Outgoing CEO Drew Larner, who will remain on as executive chairman, told Bloomberg the new CEO will grow the company's user and subscription base. "I’m a business guy and a deal guy," said Larner. "The next stage of the company is about building an enormous user and subscription base, and there are people out there better at that than I am."