"Hi, it's Adam Levine..."

With its combined venue, ticketing, management, merchandising and promoter businesses, Live Nation Entertainment has a database unparalleled in live entertainment. That said, Live Nation's new mobile app, to be rolled out in full this spring, aims to get personal with fans through geo-targeting and music affinity tools.

"When [the fan] gets a certain distance from one of our venues, we know you're in range, and we're able to send you messages we consider valuable," Live Nation co-president of North American concerts Mark Campana says. "We can make it easier, tell you which parking lots are filling up, if there's been an accident. And then we can start to talk to you as you come in the venue."

But where messaging really becomes powerful is when the artists get involved. When a fan downloads the Live Nation mobile app, the app reads the user's music library, and the promoter then knows what music the fan listens to. Apparently, a lot of them are listening to Maroon 5, which has a summer tour with Live Nation that will be "a smash," according to Campana.

"If we know you have the app and we know you have Maroon 5 in your library, you get a personalized video message from Adam Levine, saying, 'Hi, I want you to know tickets go on sale next week at [your] venue,'" he says. "When you have the lead singer of Maroon 5 on your phone telling you a show is going on sale, there's no better communication. I can't run a radio spot, TV spot or print ad that comes close to that."

This level of communication, on this scale, is unprecedented in the music business. "If there aren't 50 bands doing this a year from now," Campana says, "they've missed the boat."