Atlas Genius burst onto the scene with its breakout single "Trojans," a compact dose of bass propulsion and bouncy guitar that split the difference between jangly and dancey. On its debut LP, the Australian band is still delivering those sort of shoe-shuffling head bobbers that are at once crisp and loose, but there are bigger, grander sounds as well, with lush keyboard swells and exultant choruses. Bits and pieces of the last three decades of alt-rock flash by, connecting INXS to the Strokes or the Police to the Killers. Where instrumentation calls for anthemic shouts, vocalist Keith Jeffery refrains, instead cozying up to melodies while slinging romantic odes to lovers ("All These Girls," "Centered on You"). The band keeps a straight face throughout, never fully showing its hand while offering just enough to satisfy-and makes it seem easy.