For more than a century, Billboard has informed, empowered and engaged the music world. Today, we relaunch the brand to be the most important and exciting property in music media.

In short, Billboard is investing. And while it's true that we're investing in our core products--a more beautiful magazine, websites that start with the notion of community and discovery and build from there, and an app to read the weekly publication--we're really investing in our faith in music. In our faith in you.

The new Billboard takes in the sweeping changes in the ways that fans experience music and the complexities of the music industry, boils it all down and then lifts it up. The moment that 50,000 people erupt in unison at a concert. The discovery and love of a new artist, a new album, a new song. There is an inalienable bond between those who create the soundtracks of our lives and those who consume, and from the moment there has been an organized music business, there has been Billboard, leading and informing the essential conversation about music for both sides of the equation. We charted a course for vinyl, 8-tracks, CDs, digital downloads.

That today we remain the most trusted resource for fans and the industry alike should come as no surprise. Music on the social Web? The idea of playlisting and streaming? You read it first--and best--in Billboard.

The new magazine you hold in your hands today is a testament to our love of music and our love of the business that creates it--every facet, from the most high-powered label executive or attorney to the artist at home, dreaming about building a career. The music industry is a dynamic place, and this book will serve your information needs more than ever, going deeper into the trends, technologies and ideas shaping your decisions. If you don't learn something that will help your business every issue, we aren't doing our jobs.

At the same time, this industry is fun. It parties. It lets its hair down. It gets excited about music and musicians that transcend and inspire. In our expanded Backbeat and feature sections, we'll deliver on that promise too. This magazine will be every bit as creative, sexy and smart as the industry it covers.

That's not limited to print, of course. Be sure to visit the newly relaunched and join millions of the most informed music fans in enjoying the access-to artists, to breathtaking events, to charts and more-that only Billboard can provide. Get all your music news first. Share your favorite charts on Facebook or Twitter, or export them to listen to on Spotify or Rdio. If you're in the business (or want to be), check the relaunched for real-time analytics and community discussion of news. Upload your own stories and pictures through Instagram to our Backbeat section. And of course, check out our new iPad app for the magazine, which will regularly feature additional photo and video content and playable charts.

With these innovations complementing a DNA of peerless credibility through the Billboard charts and authority, Billboard now connects brands, bands, fans and all other parts of today's disparate and dynamic music world in more perfect harmony than ever before.

The best in music just got better. Enjoy.