BMI Launches New Corporate Positioning Campaign

BMI today launched a new corporate positioning campaign focused on its leadership, heritage and innovation within the music industry. The new campaign will be featured in print and online publications and launch from MIDEM, according to a release from the organization.  

The goal of the campaign is to "raise awareness of BMI's corporate identity and capabilities within the evolving music and entertainment business and to reflect its enduring commitment to music creators throughout generations," the release says. The creative features a refreshed logo and slogans -- Write On, Powered By and, Valuing Music Since 1939. The new visual identity will be used for marketing purposes and phased in throughout the organization; it does not replace the current corporate BMI logo. 

The campaign logo includes a symbol that resembles a red spark, representing the spark of creativity benching off of the spotlight on the writer included in BMI's first logo, which was created in 1940. Ads in the campaign include photos by photographer Danny Clinch; BMI used Nashville-based creative agency Delevante for the campaign. 

BMI president/CEO Del Bryant commented, "For decades, we've been devoted to nurturing the value of music on behalf of our songwriters, composers, music publishers and licensees. This new campaign underscores our mission and commitment to valuing music and managing the rights associated with it in the future - wherever music is played while celebrating our heritage as a leading performing rights organization. Our focus on innovation and lasting relationships with our affiliates and licensees has helped identify and nurture so many talented writers and composers. I am excited about the future of the industry and continuing our leadership mission."