Morning Fix: Others Who Died on Jenni Rivera Flight; Pepsi's Label-Like Plans; 12-12-12 Benefit Album
Morning Fix: Others Who Died on Jenni Rivera Flight; Pepsi's Label-Like Plans; 12-12-12 Benefit Album

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WHO WAS WITH JENNI RIVERA ABOARD THE PLANE THAT CRASHED? There have been few details about the people who were aboard the private plane with Jenni Rivera taking them from Monterrey to Toluca in Mexico on Sunday. Rivera was traveling with her publicist Arturo Rivera (no relation), her stylist Jorge Sanchez, her makeup artist Jacob Yebale (whose name has been reported as Jacobo Llenares) and her attorney Mario Macias. (To read our expansive coverage on Jenni Rivera click here.)

STREAMING SERVICES PAY FAR BETTER THAN TERRESTRIAL RADIO: Compared to terrestrial radio, by far the most popular music format, new streaming services pay out a much higher rate on a per-listener basis to record labels, according to calculations by David Touve of Washington and Lee University. According to his calculations, the per-listener value of a spin in the UK is $0.00012 -- just 1/36th a typical per-listen value ($0.0042) paid by Spotify, 1/10th the rate ($0.0011) paid by pure-play webcasters such as Pandora in the US and 1/18th the CRB-established webcaster rate ($0.0021) i n the US.

PEPSI'S FRANK COOPER ON MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR BEYONCE DEAL, BECOMING MORE LABEL-LIKE IN 2013: With Pepsi and Beyonce reuniting for a $50 million, multi-year branding deal and creative partnership that includes a Super Bowl halftime show, film and much more, what's next for one of the music industry's most powerful, active brand partners? According to Frank Cooper, PepsiCo's global chief marketing officer, more collaborations with all levels of the songwriting process are in the works, including expanded relationships with Nicki Minaj and One Direction, as well as having a "deeper role in the new music ecosystem."

TRENT REZNOR REVEALS DETAILS ABOUT BEATS BY DRE'S NEW STREAMING SERVICE: Trent Reznor, who recently added the title of Chief Creative Officer for Beats Electronics Inc. to his resume, hinted that the company's forthcoming digital music service, code-named "Daisy," will create a recommendation platform in which "the Machine and the human would collide more intimately" when it launches next year.

NEIL PORTNOW'S DECADE: TEN YEARS OF GRAMMY LEADERSHIP (VIDEO): Neil Portnow has presided over the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences since December 2002. Under his stewardship the Recording Academy has thrived in the face of the many challenges. Here, Portnow reflects on his career, his mentors and "peeps," how he reinvigorated the organization, t he difficulty of holding eight awards at once and much more.

LUKE BRYAN WINS BIG AT AMERICAN COUNTRY AWARDS: Luke Bryan was the top winner at the third annual American Country Music Awards Monday night (Dec. 10) at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Bryan took home nine awards, including Male Artist, Single and Music Video of the Year for "I Don't Want This Night to End," Album for "Tailgates and Tanlines" and Artist of the Year.

Columbia Records announced it will release music from the "12-12-12" benefit concert with a selection of 24 live tracks from the event available for pre-order on iTunes starting today. The concert's superstar line-up, which performs tomorrow at Madison Square Garden, includes The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney among many others. A physical album will be made available as soon as possible. Net proceeds from the soundtrack will go to the Robin Hood Relief Fund for Hurricane Sandy, which is also the concert's charity beneficiary.
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PANDORA EXPANDS BEYOND U.S. FOR FIRST TIME, LAUNCHES IN AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND: Pandora Media on Monday officially expanded outside of its home territory in the United States, bringing its streaming radio service to Australia and New Zealand. The Internet radio company announced it had launched test versions of its service in both countries.

Speaking to MTV Bill Freimuth, NARAS VP of awards discussed the controversy surrounding little-known musician Al Walser's Best Dance Music Recording nomination. "The bottom line is he got the votes," he said. "The [Grammy] ballot gets a really thorough audit by our auditors at Deloitte - and they do find block voting and other kinds of anomalies every year and they do end up disqualifying ballots because of that. But they found nothing really anomalous or wrong with the votes surrounding this nomination." Discussions are afoot, however, to change the nominations process.
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EMINEM TO HEADLINE READING AND LEEDS FESTIVAL 2013: Eminem will headline Reading and Leeds in 2013, his only UK festival appearances of next year. The rapper is the first main stage headliner to be confirmed for the event, which takes place between Aug. 23-25. T his year 87,000 fans at Reading's Richfield Avenue site and 75,000 at Leeds' Bramham Park

TWITTER-INSTAGRAM'S BATTLE FOR SOCIAL-PHOTO SUPREMACY UNDERWAY: The day after Instagram disabled the ability for its photos to show up on Twitter, both companies rather conspicuously announced new features: Twitter launched photo editing features and Instagram-like filters while Instagram has improved its camera, editing and a new filter.


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