Backbeat: Industry Thought Leaders Gather For BMI's FutureSound Dinner
Backbeat: Industry Thought Leaders Gather For BMI's FutureSound Dinner

On Nov. 15, the first evening of Billboard's FutureSound Conference, some of the best and brightest from a wide-cross section of the music and technology spheres gathered for BMI's Inudstry Thought Leaders dinner at the W Hotel in San Francisco.

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After Richard Conlon, BMI's SVP Corporate Strategy, Communications & New Media and Billboard editoral director Bill Werde addressed the room of some 40 execs, gathered around the long dinner table, which included John Frankenheimer, Partner & Chairman Emeritus, Loeb & Loeb LLP; Yi Ping Ho, Senior Dir. Digital Strategy & Business Development, Warner Music Group; Bertrand Bodson, EVP, Global Digital EMI; Delida Costin, general councel, Pandora; and TAG Strategic's Ted Cohen.

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As soon as the welcome speeches finished, the room went into full chatter mode with much of the conversation centered on FutureSound's myriad of first-day events, including: Union Square Venture's Fred Wilson provocative keynote Q&A in which he discussed such things as Spotify's valuation and Apple's perceived leadership in the digital-music business; the stiff competition between Startups GetMixxd,,, Tixie and Tunezy for the Innovators Showcase award; and William Morris Endeavor head of music Marc Geiger's enthusiasm for the billion or so music streamers he predicted for the future. But for more on that, check out our full FutureSound coverage right here.

From Left: BMI's Richard Conlon, Cindy Charles and Billboard's Bill Werde (Photo: Arnold Turner)

From Left: FutureSound consultant Antony Bruno, Nokia's Mitch Rubin, Pandora's Delida Costin, and Rich Conlon (Photo: Arnold Turner)

Warner Music Group's YiPing Ho (left) with TAG Strategic's Ted Cohen. (photo: Arnold Turner)

Loeb & Loeb's John Frankenheimer (left) and Bill Werde. (photo: Arnold Turner)

BMI's Michael Crepezzi with Billboard's Tommy Page and BMI's Alison Smith (photo: Arnold Turner)

Ted Cohen with EMI's Bertrand Bodson (photo: Arnold Turner)