Organizers plan to repeat tour next summer.

The Firm and Clear Channel Entertainment (CCE) will reprise their Family Picnic tour in summer 2005, possibly with more than twice as many shows as this year's inaugural jaunt.

The 2004 Family Picnic, featuring Static-X, Trust Company, Soil, Arithmetic Of War and local acts at each date, wrapped Aug. 27 at the White River Amphitheater near Seattle.

With only six dates, all at CCE Amphitheaters, the tour was certainly not ambitious, but the Firm manager Gayle Boulware, who spearheaded the project, was pleased with the outcome. "I consider it a success," Boulware says. "A couple of shows were excellent. The vibe was amazing, both in front of the stage and in back."

The top attendance on the tour was about 8,000 at the Meadows Music Theatre in Hartford, Conn. Each show partnered with a local rock radio station; in the case of Hartford, it was WCCC FM.

The strategy of Family Picnic, an offshoot of the successful Family Values tours by such bands as Korn and Limp Bizkit in the late '90s, was to put developing rock bands in front of crowds at an affordable price. Tickets for the shows were $10 for men, all general admission, with women admitted free.

Boulware says work on Family Picnic 2005 will begin soon. "It should be less difficult the second time because everybody has something they can look at. We'll start putting it together, including the routing, the venue holds and the bands, before the end of the year."

The tour will likely go out a little earlier in the summer next year to avoid some of the major festival traffic. Boulware says producers are looking at a mid-June to mid-July time frame, with as many as 15 markets on the route.