<A HREF="http://www.billboardradiomonitor.com/radiomonitor/index.jsp" TARGET="new">Billboard Radio Monitor</A> and Musicrypt have entered into an exclusive agreement to promote and market Musicrypt's

Billboard Radio Monitor and Musicrypt have entered into an exclusive agreement to promote and market Musicrypt's Web-based Digital Media Delivery System to the U.S. radio and recording industries.

Used exclusively by Canada's three largest broadcasters, DMDS digitally and securely delivers music to authorized B2B recipients via a patent-pending system that incorporates biometrics, high-value encryption and watermarking. The new partnership gives Billboard Radio Monitor the exclusive right to market the digital delivery system in the United States.

Under it, the two companies will target the implementation of DMDS to record labels and radio stations throughout the country.

All chart-monitored radio stations in Canada -- including those owned by Standard Radio, Corus Radio, and Rogers Media Broadcasting, the country's three largest radio chains -- exclusively use DMDS. The system has been embraced by more than 85% of the Canadian music industry, including majors BMG Music, EMI Music, Universal Music and Warner Music.

In the United States, Clear Channel Radio and Citadel Broadcasting have adopted the competing Promo Only MPE digital music distribution technology in non-exclusive deals. Universal Music Group is Orlando, Fla.-based Promo Only's flagship recording-industry client in the United States.

"Musicrypt's DMDS is the dominant market leader in Canada in secure B2B delivery of digital files and we look forward to bringing this proven marketing solution to the music industry throughout the United States," says John Kilcullen, president/publisher of Billboard and Billboard Radio Monitor. "This strategic partnership will also enable us to explore additional strategic market opportunities for DMDS beyond the music industry and in additional geographic markets while giving Billboard Radio Monitor yet another valuable digital tool to get more new music in front of key radio decision-makers."

"Based on the great success Musicrypt has had in Canada, we recognized the need to have a strong global partner to enter the U.S. market," says Musicrypt chairman/co-founder Cliff Hunt. "Billboard has the worldwide reach and influence that can provide us with the strategic initiatives and opportunities to exploit DMDS both within the music industry and beyond."