This Week's Story: Copps wants diversity on TV

This Week's Story:

FCC's Copps Blasts Lack Of Indie-Produced TV Shows

By Kimberly Speight

LAS VEGAS (The Hollywood Reporter) -- FCC commissioner Michael Copps on Jan. 26 made a plea for more diversity on the TV airwaves and stated his case against media deregulation with an appeal to require that a certain number of prime-time hours be set aside for programming from independent producers.

Speaking during the opening session on the second day of the National Assn. of Television Program Executives conference at the Mandalay Bay Resort here, Copps said: "It is long past time for the FCC to consider and approve a set-aside, like 25% or 35% of prime-time hours, for independent producers and creators. There's just so much more creativity and genius out there than our media currently reflect."