Rapper said he was dropping the Game.

A 24-year-old Los Angeles man was hospitalized Monday night (Feb. 28) after being shot at the station's West Village facility during a live interview with 50 Cent at the New York facility of R&B/hip-hop station WQHT (Hot 97), according to reports. The victim is said to be a member of the rapper's entourage.

50 Cent was at the station to plug his Shady/Aftermath/Interscope album "The Massacre," which streets Thursday, when shots rang out inside the station's lobby, according to Newsday. According to reports, 50 Cent's bodyguard dialed 911 and said someone had been shot in the hip. The victim was taken to St. Vincent's Hospital; his injuries are not said to be life-threatening.

Unconfirmed reports suggest the shooter was a member of 50 Cent's own crew. Newsday reported that the shooting occurred just after 10 p.m., when 50 Cent unexpectedly said he was dropping rapper the Game from his G-Unit label roster.

The New York Post reports that the gunmen fled the station, unsuccessfully attempted to hijack a passing snowplow, then took off on foot.

In 2001 a man was wounded in a shoot-out at Hot 97 involving Lil' Kim's entourage.