Network scores first-look production deal.

MTV will announce today (March 23) a first-look production agreement with Sean "P.Diddy" Combs' Bad Boy Entertainment.

Combs will provide executive-producer services on future television projects and will possibly appear on MTV-branded programming. The deal gives MTV first right of refusal for shows developed by the hip-hop/pop star.

In addition to the current show "Making the Band 3," Combs has delivered a new special "Borrow My Crew," which stars his protege Farnsworth Bentley. He is also executive-producing, along with Russell Simmons, the reality show pilot "Run's House," featuring Run of Run-DMC and his family.

In September, MTV will air the special "The Show," a behind-the-scenes look at the launch of Combs' first women's clothing line.

And together with MTV Films, Combs is developing a concept for an urban heist movie. Likening it to an urban "Usual Suspects," Combs says the film will take place in Miami. "It will be top notch -- the directors, the Ferraris, the clothes, the women," he tells "It will be a fantastic ensemble cast," he adds. "And I will give you all two token white guys."