QOTSA bow at No. 2.

Moby's "Hotel" (Mute) holds at No. 1 on European Top 100 Albums for a second week. Although it falls 1-2 in Switzerland and also declines in Germany, Holland and Portugal, the set holds at No. 1 in Flanders, No. 2 in France and No. 3 in Italy and climbs 10-2 in Poland. Its U.K. performance so far has been modest; in the second week, it drops 8-20. Mute director of international Donna Vergier says the album had an initial European shipment of approximately 800,000 units.

Queens of the Stone Age debut at No. 2 on Top 100 Albums with "Lullabies to Paralyse" (Interscope), a healthy improvement on 2002's "Songs for the Deaf," which opened at No. 6. The new album enters at No. 1 in Norway; No. 2 in Ireland; No. 4 in the United Kingdom (with sales of 53,000 units), Holland and Switzerland; No. 5 in Austria and No. 8 in Germany.

German star Sarah Connor makes a No. 6 start on Top 100 Albums with "Naughty but Nice" (X-Cell/Sony BMG), after debuts of No. 1 in Germany and No. 3 in Switzerland and Austria. Connor also has Germany's No. 1 single, "From Hero to Zero," from the soundtrack of the animated movie "Robots." The song climbs 10-7 on Eurochart Hot 100 Singles.

Another longtime German favorite, Nena, is new at No. 7 on the pan-European album survey with "Willst Du Mit Mir Gehn" (Warner Music). It arrives at No. 1 in Norway and Switzerland and No. 2, behind Connor, in Germany. The single "Liebe Ist" is No. 10 on the Eurochart, No. 2 in Germany and No. 4 in Austria.

60-year-old British AC singer Tony Christie rises 10-9 on Top 100 Albums with "The Definitive Collection" (UMTV). He's having his biggest success ever at home, where he has never before had a top-10 album and has had only one top-10 single, "I Did What I Did For Maria" in 1971. Now, his album is up 2-1 in the United Kingdom, and he spends a second week atop the singles survey there with a reissue of another 1971 hit, "(Is This the Way to) Amarillo." The song, for the BBC's Comic Relief appeal, is No. 4 on the Eurochart and appears likely to secure a third week at No.1 in Britain on Sunday, according to mid-week sales data.

Ending Jennifer Lopez's five-week Eurochart reign with "Get Right" (Epic) is Mario's "Let Me Love You" (J). The song opens at No. 2 in Britain, with sales of 54,000. It also debuts in the top three in Germany, Holland, Denmark and Switzerland and races 44-3 in Italy.