SACEM chairman to replace Gema's Kreile.

Bernard Miyet was elected to a two-year term as president of GESAC (European Grouping of Authors' and Composers' Societies), on April 21 at the trade group's general meeting.

Miyet is chairman of the executive board of French authors society SACEM. He takes over from Reinhold Kreile, CEO of German collecting society GEMA, who has been GESAC president for the past four years.

GESAC also elected three VPs: Katri Sipilä, CEO of Finnish society TEOSTO; Eduardo Bautista Garcia, CEO of Spanish society SGAE; and Jürgen Becker, GEMA executive VP.

The changes happen as Gesac and European collecting societies are under the microscope of the European Commision, which is seeking new rules on collective licensing of music for online use.

In April 2004, the EC -- Europe's executive body -- warned 16 European authors' rights societies they were "potentially in breach of European Union competition rules" for the way they cross-license repertoire.

In a statement, GESAC said, "The model of collective copyright management in Europe is a vigorous one. 60% of total world royalties are generated by EU authors' societies. They are actively helping to develop a European knowledge- and culture-based economy."