New options include 25 free tracks a month.

RealNetworks has unveiled its new Rhapsody service, featuring a three-tiered offering aimed at broadening its base of online music fans.

In a first for subscription music services, Rhapsody will now allow users to listen to and share 25 full tracks a month at no cost. This option is called “Rhapsody 25.” Previously, nonpaying customers could only access 30-second clips of any given song, with full-song enjoyment reserved only to paying subscribers.

In addition, the company introduced its "Rhapsody To Go" portable service, which for $15 a month allows subscribers to store their downloaded music to portable audio players that use special DRM technology.

The two new service options join Rhapsody’s existing $10 a month Unlimited plan, under which subscribers can listen to any music in the system’s database, as well as buy songs for 89 cents each and albums for $8.99.