275M Coke products branded during mobile campaign.

Coca-Cola is extending its marketing reach into the British mobile market through a partnership with music recognition technology firm Shazam Entertainment.

Through the new promotion, Coca-Cola cans and bottles will carry promotional codes which can be redeemed for entry into prize draws. On each day of the promotion, 5,000 ringtones or music downloads will be offered as prizes, according to London-based Shazam.

About 275 million Coke and Diet Coke products will be branded during the campaign, which will run from mid-May to the end of July.

The campaign is intended to complement MyCokeMusic.com, the soft drink giant's British digital download presence which went live in January 2004. Shazam will offer a Coke-branded version of its flagship music identification service, which allows customers to identify a song using a cell phone. The "CokeTags" will direct users to MyCokeMusic.