Merch firm recently signed Coldplay, Billy Idol.

Signatures Network, the music industry's largest tour merchandising and licensing firm, will open a permanent office in Los Angeles this summer, headed by CEO Dell Furano. Signatures has also expanded its VIP, Internet and tour merch offerings and is aggressively competing for new acts. The company recently signed new merchandising and licensing deals with Coldplay, Billy Idol and Whitesnake, and has tour products on the road this summer with U2, Bruce Springsteen, System of a Down, Ozzfest, Mötley Crüe and many others.

“We’ve really expanded our suite of artist services,” Furano tells He cites merchandising, licensing, retail and the vintage Trunk line as key areas of expansion, “and, particularly, Web sites.”

“We handle more and more official artist Web sites, including U2, John Mellencamp, Ozzy Osbourne and Fleetwood Mac,” Furano explains. “The world shifted a little bit, and the merchandising and the Web sites, in particular, are so core to promoting an artist, their music and generating new areas of revenue.”

Furano began working out of temporary offices in Los Angeles two years ago, and a new Beverly Hills office will open this summer.

“Now I have an opportunity to spend time with (such managers as) Irving Azoff, Howard Kaufman, Doc McGhee and all the other legends of our industry,” he says.

The San Francisco operation, along with its staff of 70 people overseeing business affairs, retail, production, distribution, royalty accounting, artwork, road crews and Web sites, will still be headquarters for Signatures Network.