Nine arrests made, 60,000 discs seized.

The New York Police Department executed search warrants at an upper Manhattan storage facility today (May 20), seizing more than 25,000 counterfeit CD-Rs and 35,000 counterfeit DVDs.

Nine individuals were arrested and charged with trademark counterfeiting and failure to disclose the origin of a recording. The names were not disclosed.

The Recording Industry Assn. of America assisted the NYPD in the investigation of a group of illegal music distributors that had been operating from inside the facility located at 9-11 West 141st Street.

“Once again, the NYPD has demonstrated a solid commitment to eradicating the tremendous piracy problem that continues to plague our streets,” says Brad Buckles, RIAA executive VP for anti-piracy. “The only way to beat this problem is to attack it persistently with a strong, united front. The success of today’s operation should send a clear message to all those engaged in the illegal music trade: piracy is theft and will be treated with zero tolerance.”