Future segments to include Kanye West, Gwen Stefani.

Yahoo! is bringing back a revamped version of former TV show "Pepsi Smash" to its Yahoo! Music service to provide subscribers with on-demand video segments of band performances, interviews, animation and other original content developed exclusively for its "Smash on Yahoo! Music" site.

The new incarnation of "Pepsi Smash," a WB summer concert series that was cancelled last year in its second season, will be divided into weekly and monthly segments of much shorter video clips.

Coldplay will kick off the revival with an an exclusive interview and in-studio performance of the tracks, "Speed of Sound" and "In My Place." Currently available on the site is a segment called "Another Side of..." following Seether as they go snowboarding, and a cover of Madonna’s "Like a Virgin" by Big & Rich as part of the site’s "Cover Art" segment.

Other video features include an exploration of the world of mix tape creation and trading called "DJ Division," a freestyle rap segment called "Mic Pass" that will visit different cities each month, and a weekly news show called "News Smash."

Pepsi and Yahoo! are also sending two fans to attend 100 concerts in 100 days, sending back daily video, photos and text messages from the road.

Additional artists who have signed on to participate in future segments include Kanye West, Gwen Stefani, Billy Corgan and Mark Hoppus of Blink-182.

The new site comes on the heels of Yahoo!’s recent Music Unlimited subscription service, which has shaken up the digital music distribution world with an aggressive $7 a month pricing -- almost half that of other similar services. Yahoo! is positioning the "Smash" video programming as a central feature of the Yahoo! Music site, which now includes the Launch Internet radio service, Music Unlimited subscription service, a la carte download store, music news, music videos and individual artist spotlights.

According to Yahoo!, this is the first time a former TV show has transitioned to the Web full time, and is indicative of the Internet network’s increasing interest to add more video programming to its service. Yahoo! previously broadcast the premiere episode of Showtime’s "Fat Actress" series in conjunction with its cable debut.

Alongside the desire to expand its video content, the "Smash" launch also points to Yahoo!’s persistent goal of challenging Apple Computer’s dominant iTunes Music Store, which has teamed in the past with Pepsi for a free-download promotion.

Pepsi and Yahoo! said they will support the "Smash" site with an extensive marketing campaign, with Pepsi pursuing TV, radio and print advertising while Yahoo! will feature links to the site via its Yahoo! front page, instant messaging tools and other content services and online marketing.