Mercora aims to catalog a world wide web streams.

P2P radio pioneer Mercora has introduced a new Internet search tool - Mercora Music Search - dedicated to finding music being streamed anywhere and everywhere on the web. Mercora hopes to index the many streaming music feeds available online, and make them available for real-time search, like a Google for streaming music. Today, however, the tool is limited to the music streams on Mercora’s own P2P streaming radio network.

The P2P radio service allows users to create either custom or random playlists from their music library, which other Mercora users can then listen to but not download. These playlists are streamed from each users’ computer to Mercora’s central server, allowing the company to index the tracks currently available for broadcast. Atri Chatterje, Mercora VP of marketing, said he hopes to strike deals with other Internet music providers, and may eventually include access to streaming video. Meanwhile, Mercora is also working on technology that would locate and catalog music streams, regardless of partnerships.

Web sites interested in adding a music-specific search tool to their site may license Mercora's search tool. Customization options include genre-specific searches and graphics.