Clear Channel tour will hit 16 cities.

Latin superstars Marc Anthony, Alejandro Fern ández and Chayanne will embark on a summer tour together starting Aug. 17 at Houston, Texas' Toyota Center. The Sony BMG artists will play a total of 19 arena shows in 16 cities.

"It is unique to have three bona fide headliners at the same time," says Gerry Barad, executive VP of the Next Adventure, the global touring division of the tour's promoter, Clear Channel Music Group. He tells that having three strong artists sharing the stage will help to ensure a strong show across the country, regardless of one area's stronghold in a certain market such as regional Mexican or tropical music.

The three singers will rotate show positions from market to market, with each opening and closing an equal number of dates. Placement will be determined by the needs of each particular market. Anthony, for example, is a star in the pop and tropical realms, while Fern ández is a hit in the pop and ranchero markets. Chayanne is known in the pop world for his dynamic, choreographed shows.

Although Fern ández has toured with his father, Vicente Fern ández, before, this marks the first time Chayanne and Anthony will share a headlining bill with another act. "I've heard of joint tours, but not so much in the Latin world," says Chayanne. "I'm very excited."

All three acts reportedly agreed immediately to the tour. "Formulas have changed and audiences are more demanding," says Fern ández. "You have to offer more within the same show."