33-year-old station switched to 'Jack' June 3.

The collective mourning for oldies WCBS-FM New York came to a head June 20 when 100 protesters rallied peacefully in front of owner Infinity’s Manhattan headquarters. The 33-year-old station was flipped to Jack on June 3.

But perhaps making more noise were the number of broadcast competitors inviting WCBS’ disenfranchised listeners to come on aboard. Sirius Satellite Radio promoted its recent hiring of dethroned WCBS jock Bruce "Cousin Brucie" Morrow, while rival XM sent its most vocal representatives, Opie and Anthony. Emmis smooth jazz WQCD (CD 101.9), suburban oldies WKHL (96.7) and classic oldies WMTR-AM (1250) Morristown, N.J., also brought signage or station vans.

Protesters shouted, "Hit the road, Jack!" with mixed vigor; most appeared resigned to the fact that the Times Square rally was not likely to change Infinity's decision.

Jim Kerr, morning host of classic rock WAXQ (104.3 FM), stopped by to interact with participants. "WCBS-FM was a great station for many years," Kerr told the New York Daily News. "But if Infinity doesn't want these listeners anymore because they're over 40, I do. I want them all."

The News also reported the presence of Infinity CEO Joel Hollander, who walked through the crowd without being recognized.