Warns pirated cds ncreasingly similar to real product.

The RIAA issued its annual report on non-internet commercial piracy July 13 warning that illegal copying and trafficking of pirated music has become more sophisticated, citing specifically that pirated product is increasingly resembling legitimate product. The past year also saw illegal operations become more connected to organized crime, particularly in the eastern half of the United States where syndicates are intent on monopolizing the illicit market share.

But the RIAA continues to fight back, especially in the most heavily pirated genres, like Latin music, where the RIAA is focusing a major portion of its anti-piracy efforts. The industry association bolstered its efforts by establishing a presence in 80 of the top 100 Latin music markets. Additionally, the report cites that law enforcement sweeps in the past year have had an effective impact on illegal operations, specifically in New York, Los Angeles, Altanta, Philadelphia and Miami.