Online signatures get disclaimers.

We can thank New York State attorney general Elliot Spitzer for this, but the growing trend in e-mails from radio programmers seems to be formal disclaimers.

As Spitzer's investigation of the radio and record industries continues, even programmers who are unlikely to have ever been associated with the probe have made disclaimers a standard part of their automated e-mail signatures.

Among the examples, Ginny Rogers, the assistant PD/music director at Greater Media's country WKLB Boston, includes a line at the end of her e-mails that says "No airplay is being provided by station in exchange for promotional support, including product or ticket requests."

Similarly, Brad Austin, PD of Times and News Publishing's country WGTY York, Pa., signs off his e-mails with the following disclaimer: "Any and all requests for product, concert tickets, merchandise or promotional opportunities contained within this e-mail has no impact on airplay, rotations or adds at WGTY."