Band's sound cut during Devore, Calif. show.

In a statement released last night (Aug. 25), Ozzfest organizer Sharon Osbourne admitted a role in the incident that marred Iron Maiden's Aug. 20 tour performance in Devore, Calif., specifically, that she cut off the band's sound on several occasions.

As previously reported, Maiden was also pelted with eggs and debris from the front of the pavilion during its performance (which was also its last of the tour). Sharon did not outright claim responsibility for that action but made reference to it in her statement.

She previously claimed that Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson repeatedly disrespected her husband Ozzy during the tour, and that other Maiden members were ashamed of Dickinson's behavior.

In her new statement, which doubles as an open letter to Maiden manager Rod Smallwood, she said, "For 20 shows we were forced to hear Dickinson's nightly outbursts from the stage: 'When we come back to America, we'll be back with a proper sound system' or 'We won't be playing the same old songs every night (like [Black] Sabbath),' 'We don't need a teleprompter (like Ozzy)' and 'We don't need a reality show to be legit (again, like Ozzy).'"

Sharon explained cutting Maiden's power in part by saying, "Was Dickinson so naive to think that I was going to let him get away with talking sh*t about my family night after night? I don't think he realizes who he's dealing with." She signed the letter as the "real Iron Maiden."

Earlier this week, Smallwood said he had "never seen anything anywhere near as disgusting and unprofessional as what went on that night."