'BroadcastUnity for Katrina Relief' set forth.

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) has announced the "BroadcastUnity for Katrina Relief" initiative, a plan that the association says will raise a minimum of $100 million for relief efforts through local radio and television stations. Broadcasters will be voluntarily donating airtime for special fund-raising appeals as part of the initiative.

The move was approved by the NAB Board of Directors during a special conference call and includes a $1 million cash donation from the NAB to the American Red Cross.

"Broadcasters are a lifeline to communities in times of crisis, and Hurricane Katrina has touched America's soul like no natural disaster in our history," NAB president/ CEO Eddie Fritts said in a statement.

The NAB has designated Friday, Sept. 9 as "BroadcastUnity Day," a day when local stations will block out specific times for fund-raising relief efforts, telephone banks, radiothons and the like.

Meanwhile, the Radio Advertising Bureau is making PSAs available for download from the RAB Web site at www.RAB.com.

Accessible to all radio stations, members and non-members, the spots are part of a collaborative effort between the Ad Council and the American Red Cross.