Capitol Hill welcomed music industry.

Capitol Hill welcomed musicians and a wide range of music industry representatives with open arms yesterday (Sept. 7) at the first-ever industry Recording Arts Day. In light of the Katrina tragedy, the advocacy day to press for greater awareness of the importance of music in the culture took on special resonance.

Some lawmakers said they viewed the music community, in light of their early efforts in the Katrina disaster, as first responders.

"Musicians are the soul of a nation," Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn. told the group in a meeting room in the Capitol, "and you were there immediately, setting up benefit concerts and getting something on TV."

Patti Austin, Gloria Estefan, Desmond Child, Jimmy Jam, Dave Koz and other creators joined reps from virtually all segments of the industry for the day-long events. All said they felt the day on the Hill had gone well, with groups putting aside their often conflicting agendas.

"It's not everyday you see these people walking down the hall together with one goal in mind," said Diana Blagman, director of advocacy for the Recording Academy.