Companion to 'Local Community Radio Act of 2005.'

Rep. Louise Slaughter, D., N.Y., announced the introduction of the "Enhance and Protect Local Community Radio Act of 2005" on Sept. 13 in a speech to the Future of Music Coalition gathering in Washington, D.C.

The proposed legislation appears to be a companion to the bill introduced by Sen. John McCain, R., Ariz., back in February, the "Local Community Radio Act of 2005." Among other things, both bills seek to repeal the current laws that require LPFM stations to protect third-adjacent FM channels from potential signal interference.

Rep. Slaughter is slated to speak to the FOMC gathering at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. Rep. Rick Boucher, D., Va., is to speak to the gathering Tuesday morning, while Sen. Maria Cantwell, D., Wash., is the noon-time speaker. Cantwell is a co-sponsor of Sen. McCain’s bill.

The Low Power FM service is now five years old. A series of previous attempts by lawmakers on Capitol Hill to eliminate the third-adjacent channel protections have failed to survive the legislative process.

*Additional reporting by Bill Holland, Washington, D.C.