Repertoire to be featured in state-owned TV.

Warner/Chappell Music Asia Pacific has signed a groundbreaking deal under which it will be the exclusive supplier of repertoire for TV dramas on Chinese state-owned national television network CCTV.

The deal is effective immediately. Financial terms have not been disclosed.

"It's the first time in history that this kind of collaboration has been arranged between a government media company and a major international publisher," says Hong Kong-based Steven Fock, WCM Asia Pacific's regional manager.

Fock says considering the already massive popularity of songs used in Chinese soap opera and TV drama songs, the deal promises a steady stream of future hits for Warner/Chappell.

Also party to the deal is Beijing-based online talent agency, which specializes in finding and developing singer-songwriters. will serve as a source of singers and songwriting talent for CCTV soundtracks, theme tunes and closing credits' music.

The three parties describe the deal as a step forward in encouraging creativity and original music in mainland China.

In a statement, Zhang Hua, director of China International Television Corp., the CCTV division which handles TV drama production and artist management, expressed pleasure that the state-owned company will be able to serve as a platform for new compositions.