Provides content from Bon Jovi and Shaggy.

Universal Music India has pacted with Mauj Telecom, a leading wireless solutions operator, to offer select international repertoire to Indian consumers.

The agreement is effective since Sept. 19, with a 60-day exclusive offer of mobile content from the new Bon Jovi album "Have A Nice Day" and Shaggy's "Clothes Drop."

The content offered includes ringtones, master ringtones, video ringtones, wallpapers, animations and logos. The deal does not include full-track downloads.

Mumbai-based Universal Music India MD Rajat Kakar says, "This is the first wireless deal we have done exclusively for some of our international content."

He adds that Universal will receive about 25% of the retail cost of the ringtones priced at Rupees 25 ($ 0.56) and video ringtones at Rupees 20 ($ 0.46).

Arun Gupta, chief operating officer of Mumbai-based Mauj Telecom, said, "Bon Jovi and Shaggy have a legendary fan following in India. With this tie-up, Mauj will now offer Indian cell phone users top-notch international talent."

Mauj will service content to leading mobile operators nationwide and via its own internet portal,

Founded in 2003, Mauj claims to have partnerships deals with more than 25 operators and portals worldwide.

MAUJ is the wireless division of media company People Group, which is also involved in Internet businesses and film production. It employs about 50 people in its offices in Mumbai, Dubai, London and New York.

Industry estimates indicate that every month about 25 million ringtones are downloaded by Indian cellphone users.