Tracks formatted in WMA Lossless format.

The MusicGiants Network launched its new digital music service, featuring high-definition, uncompressed digital files for download. After several months of operating in test mode with content limited to EMI Music's catalog, the new service now includes the full libraries of all four major music labels.

Tracks for sale, at $1.29 each, are formatted in Windows Media Audio Lossless format for CD-quality sound. Existing digital music download services use compression technology for faster transfer, which affects sound quality.

As such, songs purchased via MusicGiants will take much longer to download. Typical data rates of other download services are about 128 kilobytes per second. MusicGiant downloads are 1,100 kbps.

In addition to $1.29 per track, customers must also pay a $50 yearly membership fee.

MusicGiant also introduces its SoundVault home music player, pre-loaded with Windows XP and its music service software, capable of storing bout 10,000 MusicGiant tracks.