Uni now the only studio to solely support HD DVD.

As expected, Warner Home Video announced today (Oct. 20) that it will be releasing films on the high-definition format Blu-ray.

Previously, WHV, which also includes sister companies New Line Home Entertainment and HBO Home Video, had professed support for Blu-ray rival HD DVD. It is unknown if WHV will ultimately release films on both formats.

Though it is unclear when the first Blu-ray titles will be available—it is believed that releases could come as early as February 2006—WHV president Jim Cardwell promised, in a statement, that “consumers will soon be able to enjoy a large selection of catalogue favorites and contemporary hits from Warner’s vast library on the Blu-ray format.”

WHV’s announcement closely follows Paramount Home Entertainment’s decision to release titles on Blu-ray earlier this month. PHE had also been an exclusive HD DVD supporter of late.

WHV and PHE join majors Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Buena Vista Home Entertainment as supporters of Blu-ray.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment is now the only studio that remains solely in the HD DVD camp.