Nacionale plans to release 50 titles next year.

Nacional Records, the Los Angeles-based Latin indie home to eclectic artists such as Andrea Echeverri and the Nortec Collective, has launched a digital only e-label dubbed Nacionale.

The e-label boasts its own roster, distinct from those artists signed to Nacional, including hip hop artist Kemo the Blaximan, Reyes del Bajo Mundo, Hip Hop Hoodios, Bayú and Colombian electronica band La Monaretta. Nacionale has also established deals with indie labels, including Pop Art Records in Argentina (which formerly had Babasónicos) and La Oreja Bizarro Records in Chile.

Acts on Nacionale will be promoted and marketed via multiple online music communities, a strategy that has already yielded results for Nacional, which was launched earlier this year, and whose digital sales account for at least 20% of all product sold. Some of Nacionale's signings, including Kemo, went on sale on iTunes and Emusic earlier this month.

“There are a lot of other artists and labels we're big fans of, and we feel they deserve a chance to serve that online community that has been very supportive of our other artists,” says Nacional/Nacionale president Tomas Cookman.

Cookman says he plans to release 50 titles next year through the e-label and if a title is particularly successful, it may get picked up by Nacional, which is scheduled to release 24 titles in 2006.