Allan Waters passed away Dec. 3.

Canadian broadcast pioneer Allan Waters passed away in hospital Toronto on Saturday (Dec. 3). He was 84.

Over five decades Waters built one of Canada's largest media empires consisting of 33 radio stations, 12 television stations, and 21 cable specialty channels, including the music-related MuchMusic, MuchMoreMusic, Much Vibe and MuchRetro.

The soft spoken Waters was a pharmaceutical worker in 1954 when he purchased a small Toronto radio station CHUM, turning it in the country's first top 40 radio station in 1957. In the '60s Waters launched sister station CHUM-FM that came to heavily influence FM rock radio in the Canadian marketplace in the '70s

In October, 2005, suffering from poor health, Waters stepped down from the CHUM board of directors, bringing to an end his long-standing broadcasting career.