Operation to offer more marketing services.

RED Distribution has rebranded its RED Ink division as RED Strategic Marketing. In making the change, RED will begin offering the added marketing and promotional services of RED Ink to all of RED's third-party labels, as well as releases downstreamed from parent Sony BMG.

RED Ink previously worked primarily with smaller-staffed indies or artist-run labels, providing them a contracted marketing staff. The division has been adding and promoting staffers during the past few months, and is now positioned to be employed by all of RED's third-party labels, as warranted.

"It's going to be a project-by-project basis," says Howie Gabriel, VP/GM of the department. "We'll take a look at the project and make a decision about whether or not we can actually assist them. If there's someone we don't think we can help on, we're not going to take extra points to do that. Even with Sony BMG, we don't take on every project that is offered to us."