The joint venture joins Apregan and Paquin Groups.

The newly-formed Venue Coalition, a joint venture between Jeff Apregan of the Apregan Group and Gilles Paquin of the Paquin Entertainment Group, will help identify programming opportunities to its member arenas.

Thus far, nine arenas in four Canadian provinces have joined. Participants include British Columbia’s Interior Savings Centre, CN Centre and the Greater Vernon Multiplex, Alberta’s Crystal Centre and Enmax Centre, Saskatchewan’s Brandt Centre and Credit Union Centre and Manitoba’s Keystone Centre and MTS Centre.

Venue Coalition is expected to buy talent, attract new promoters and events and create content for these arenas, which range from 4,500 to 16,000 seats.

The L.A.-based Apregan Group produces, manages and promotes live events throughout North America, and the Paquin Group (based in Winnipeg and Toronto) produces events and manages and books artists.