Will market to services including iTunes.

The Orchard, the online independent music distributor and marketer, has launched a new digital video distribution service.

In addition to the videos from the labels which the Orchard represents, additional video content partners at launch include C3 (“Three Stooges” TV episodes), Troma Entertainment, (“The Toxic Avenger” films, “South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s “Cannibal the Musical”), and karaoke videos from Sound Choice.

"It was pretty obvious that this was going to be a natural extension of our business at some point," said Greg Scholl, chief executive of the Orchard. "The real question was when. We had been talking to some of our closer partners who had deep video libraries. The launch of the video iPod kind of announced that this is a business that is here now. It’ll take a while for penetration to get to a point where people can actually use the stuff their buying."

The online distributor plans to aggressively market and merchandise video content wherever it’s sold digitally, including new and emerging video stores from iTunes, Google, MusicNet and Yahoo! as well as video-for-mobile-devices including 3 and MobileStreams. In addition, the Orchard will also offer its video clients stand-alone video stores that will offer each company’s catalog of videos to their fanbases.

The company currently represents more than 700,000 songs in its catalog and distributes this music to more than 125 digital music stores and to over 200 mobile phone carriers globally.