New service provides concert tickets via handsets.

Nokia, the world's biggest mobile-phone manufacturer, has joined forces with leading international music promoter Live Nation to unveil today (Feb. 1) a new U.K. digital-ticketing service called

The service will initially enable consumers to purchase tickets for concerts, musical events and festivals via the Web site.

Once registered with the service, subscribers will receive text-messaging or email alerts informing them of the most recent tickets available for sale, plus related news and other editorial content.

Ticketrush users will eventually be able to make purchases directly via their handsets, anytime and anywhere, later this year.

"Mobile phones will not only become even more integral to people's lives, but will also contribute to the evolution of the music industry," said Jenni Cairns, Live Nation's marketing director.

Among the first tickets immediately available via will be for British bands Girls Aloud, The Darkness, Westlife, Status Quo and Depeche Mode. International acts such as Bryan Adams, and live events like the increasingly popular Download Festival at Donnington in the U.K. will also be represented.

Girls Aloud, Westlife and Depeche Mode are also performing at the soon-to-open refurbished London music venue Wembley Arena, which is now managed and promoted by Live Nation.

Nokia already has a number of links with the music industry in the United Kingdom, most notably through sponsorship of live events including the Nokia Urban Music Festival, the Nokia Isle of Wight Festival, the Nokia Unleashed Music Festival, the Carling Weekend (Reading and Leeds Festivals) and the Nokia Raw Tour.