Primetime ratings up 33% among viewers 12-24.

Bilingual network mun2, which last year underwent a dramatic programming and managerial makeover, is already registering a growth in ratings, according to fourth quarter results provided by Nielsen Media

Since its re-launch on October 1, mun2 greatly improved its ratings among viewers 12-24 in key time periods, including a 100% increase in weekday mornings, and a 150% increase in the weekday 5-7 p.m. fringe. Weekday primetime ratings also went up 33%.

Mun2's highest rated show was Jan. 25's WWE RAW--a new programming addition—with an average audience of 112,000 among viewers 12-34.

Much of mun2's core programming, however, is music-driven, representing all genres of Latin music. In addition to revamping its programming last year, the network also named a new GM, Alex Pels, and moved its production headquarters from Miami to Los Angeles.

mun2 is distributed to over 10 million U.S. TV households and is part of Telemundo Cable Networks, which is owned by NBC Universal.